Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26(b)

Spring is, by far, my favorite season: I love the first morning when I look around as I drive to school and see green adding itself to nature’s color palette after a long winter. I’ve even joked that I’d love to live somewhere where it is spring all of the time. However, the changing seasons in Kansas is an excellent reminder of the beauty of nature and the power of our Creator. Right now, I am trying to enjoy the last few weeks of playing outside with my kids after school, green grass, and warm sunshine; it almost feels like a second spring. While spring is my favorite season, fall has its own beauty with the changing colors of the leaves; the fresh, crisp air; the mums and pumpkins sitting on porches. No matter the season, the birds and the plants are taken care of. Though we don’t see them as much during the fall, they are there. Sometimes I look at fall only as the beginning of winter when everything dies or disappears. The symbols of spring, birds and flowers, fade from the scene. It’s easy to forget how God cares for the birds and the plants when it looks like they’ve all died. However, fall and winter is when we see exactly how much the Creator cares about these things because of how they have been designed. The birds have a built-in GPS and internal clock telling them exactly when and where to fly to escape the cold winter of the North and Midwest. Many plants fall into a dormant state where they are protected until the spring miraculously brings them to life. It is amazing to think about the intricate details that God worked out during creation to protect the creatures of nature. His care and attention to the birds and the plants is nothing compared to the care and attention he gives to us. Jesus tells us in Matthew not to worry because God knows our needs and will provide for them. He reminds us that we are even more important to the God of the universe than those birds and plants; therefore, God will see that our needs are met. His design and control are all the assurance we need that we can make it through the long winters of life; when tough times hit, he will provide.

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