These twelve Jesus sent out with the following instructions… Matthew 10:5(a)

Before leaving our kids with a babysitter, we often give them instructions like don’t hit, show love to each other, listen to the babysitter, be honest (do not tell her that mom and dad let you have unlimited candy). Sound familiar? We give them instructions because we want to make sure that our expectations are clear. Jesus did the same thing for his disciples before leaving them. His instructions were clear but far more challenging than those left for our kids. Jesus included things like: don’t take any money, heal the sick, raise the dead, don’t bother packing a bag, leave all of your clothes behind, plan to stay with strangers, oh, and, by the way, there will be people, like wolves, out to get you. Those instructions would have left me clinging to Jesus’ leg screaming, “Please don’t go!” like a child left with a babysitter. Yet, the disciples followed. Despite the fear of the unknown and the recognition that everything they did know was about to change, they followed! Can we say the same? If Jesus came to visit us but before leaving said, “I want you to give up all that is known, comfortable, and safe to continue my work after I leave,” would we say yes, would we follow? Are we saying yes? I don’t know that God is calling you or me to leave everything behind and become a missionary, but he is calling us to serve him. Maybe, you (like me) have been feeling Him urge you to do something different, to make a change in your life. Let’s face it, change is scary. There are hundreds of excuses to say no to change: my kids need me, structure is important to me, things will be different, I need my job, my house is almost paid for, I know what to expect from life right now, change might be uncomfortable, that change will probably never work anyway. All are just that: excuses. If you’ve been praying about the change, reading Scripture that leads you to believe it is the right decision, and you truly believe that God is behind the urge to change, then, despite the many excuses, there is one reason to listen and act; it’s the only one that matters. It is from God: the creator of the universe, our Heavenly Father, the mighty counsellor, the beginning and the end, our Lord and Savior, who would not lead us into danger but may lead us into unfamiliar. If we truly believe that he is whispering, or maybe shouting, “Change,” in our ears, then change is what we need. It may be unfamiliar and uncomfortable at times, but it will all be for His glory. Can I? Should I? Do I dare? Step out in faith for Him and become his disciple willing to do anything?

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