What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs. Matthew 10:27

Do you remember playing that game “telephone” as a kid. The first person in the circle would whisper something to the next, and then she’d whisper it to the next, and so on through the circle. When the message got to the last person, she would timidly say what she thought she heard, which had, of course, been altered by passing it through the circle. It was often funny to hear the original message compared to the version of the final person. From this game, we used to play as a kid, we can learn two things.

First, don’t whisper about something important. Why then do we not talk more about our faith? Why do we have quiet times at home and then stay quiet about them? Isn’t what Jesus is doing in our lives THE most important thing? Yet, we don’t talk about it, we whisper. Matthew 10:27 tells us that what the Lord tells us in the dark and whispers to us should be shouted from the rooftop in broad daylight. When He works in our lives, we must share it. We should not just pass it around our little circle of intimate friends but, instead, share it boldly by telling people when we see God involved in our lives. Don’t attribute positive things to good luck, instead recognize them as blessings from the Lord. When you make a decision based on prayer and God’s leading, tell others about the Lord’s involvement in the decision. Don’t play telephone with God’s work in your life, proclaim what He is doing loudly and clearly.

The second thing we learn is that quietly sharing information can lead to confusion. If we’re not bold with our faith, it may be misinterpreted. In the telephone game, as the message is passed, each person in the circle becomes less confident in her message leading to a jumbled mess by the time it gets to the last person. The message is then no longer a statement but a question – as if saying, “I think this is what I heard, but I don’t know if it’s right.” We must be careful not to do this with the message of Christ, whispering it here and there, wondering if we’ve been clear, leaving room for doubt. The message is clear: Recognize your need for salvation, confess your sins, believe in Jesus Christ as your personal savior, and give your life to Him. When we have the chance to share this message, we don’t want to present it timidly as a question but boldly as a statement of truth. The more we study the Word of God and the more time we spend in prayer, the more confidence we will have in sharing the Lord’s message knowing that the Holy Spirit is guiding us. Instead of timidly passing it around the circle, we can proclaim it boldly so that there is no doubt about the message of Christ.

No more playing telephone with God’s work in our lives. We want to boldly and loudly share His love and work in our lives as a testimony bringing glory to Him.

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