Take your pay and go. I want to give the one who was hired last the same as I gave you. Matthew 20:14

Sometimes life feels full of missed opportunities; things that we are too late for. I’m too old to go back to school; it’s too late for that. I’ve been rushing around all day, getting things done, and by the time I look at the clock, I realize that I’ve missed the night out with friends; it’s too late for that. Suddenly, it seems, my kids are too old to sit and snuggle with their mom; it’s too late for that. I’ve been out of the workforce for too long, so I can’t go back; it’s too late for that. I never got around to signing up for that Bible study; it’s too late for that. Life seems to pass by so fast that we’re always too late for something.

Thankfully, we can never be too late to accept Christ’s love and promise of eternal heaven. In Matthew 20, Jesus tells the story of the vineyard owner who hires men in several shifts. He pays all men the same no matter when they were hired or how long they worked. The men hired first complain that this method is unfair. The men hired last are grateful that the owner offered them work; grateful that it wasn’t too late for them. Our Heavenly Father has a similar offer for us. It doesn’t matter how old we are, what we’ve done, or how far we’ve strayed from Him, the offer of salvation is the same. We can’t use the excuse of it being too late to develop a relationship with our Lord. Even those who accept Christ in their dying breaths will see Him in eternity; it’s not too late. No matter where we are in life; God wants us to recognize our sin and need for a savior, to repent, and to accept his gift of salvation through Jesus’ death. It’s not too late.

For those of us who have been living for the Lord for most of our lives; it’s not too late to share His message with others. Once we’ve experienced his amazing grace, we should not stay quiet. All too often we are quiet Christians: living our lives for the Lord, being involved in our churches, reading our Bibles, content in our little bubble where it is safe and comfortable to talk about Jesus. But the Lord calls us to burst out of that bubble and share with non-believers. He, himself, preached, healed, and ministered to Gentiles and Jews alike, to tax collectors and prostitutes. He encouraged the believers and reached out to the non-believers. He asks – no – He commands us to do the same.  In Matthew 28:19, Jesus instructs us to make disciples of all nations. A disciple can be defined as a personal follower of Jesus. Why would the Lord instruct us to make those who are already Christians personal followers of Jesus? They already are! He is talking about the un-saved here. He wants us to share the gospel with those who do not yet believe it, with those who do not yet follow Him. I don’t think that we have to look far to find someone in our lives who is not yet a disciple. He wants us to be His light to those non-believers. It’s not too late for us to pray for the unsaved, share with the unsaved, and show them Christ’s love and forgiveness. It’s not too late.


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