Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. Matthew 24:42

You know that feeling you get when suddenly things are too quiet in your house. You’ve asked your kids to play in another room while you are working on something. Normally that means interruptions of tattling or tears or, at the very least, commotion seeping out of the room. But now, it’s quiet, too quiet. You walk into the room unnoticed because the kids are doing something they know they aren’t supposed to be doing. When you’re presence is detected, they look up at you with wide eyes full of shock and worry; they didn’t know that you were coming. They weren’t expecting you. In Matthew 24, Jesus warns his disciples and us that he will return when we do not expect it. He tells us to “keep watch,” to live for him each day because we never know when the final day will be. We don’t want to be “caught” like our too quiet kids when the Lord returns or when our final day on this earth comes before we expect it. We know that we don’t want to be caught doing something we shouldn’t be doing. But, just as important, we don’t want to be caught NOT doing something we should. I know that I have the habit of saying “someday.” Someday I’ll have more time and I’ll volunteer for that church committee. Someday when I’m not as busy with work, I’ll help with Awana. Someday when I have nothing going on, I’ll sit down with my kids and do that. Well, these excuses won’t fly on the someday that the Lord returns. Someday he is coming; he will call us home. On that someday, will I be satisfied that I have used each day to glorify him? Maybe I should stop waiting for someday and use this day.



Lord, I am so thankful that you gave your son to die on the cross to offer me salvation, so that someday I can live in your kingdom forever. Father, help me to not wait until someday to live for you and follow your will. Help me to live each day for you. Show me your will and give me the courage to follow.

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